The Courage to Be

Introduction - a conversation with Elizabeth Cairns

July 19, 2019

Well here it is, launch day! In this episode I speak with the fabulous Elizabeth Cairns on the Courage to Be concept and what it means for me. 

I had originally planned on recording a solo episode, but in the true spirit of "The Courage to Be" I decided to show up script-free and single :) 

I have definitely had to embody the Courage to Be concept in launching this podcast  - a novice to the podcasting world I've had to lean and move through much resistance, self-doubt, discomfort and more - but already I know it has been worth it. 

I don't think that one introductory episode alone can really capture the essence of the "Courage to Be" but I think today's interviews from two high performing individuals will help us all see what's possible when we step beyond your comfort zone, lean into discomfort and fully embrace a life aligned with our values.

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